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Month: January 2018

Some Of The Reasons Why You Should Consider Having Fish As Pets

It's common for children to beg their parents for a pet. When most people think of pets, they think of dogs or cats and mice or hamsters. They may overlook some of the greatest pets to own; fish. Few things are as mesmerizing as watching brightly colored fish swim around their aquariums. Their vivid colors seem to glow under the aquarium lights and they continuously swim and circle around their own little environments. You can buy accessories for your aquarium that make it look like a tiny underwater paradise. There are beautifully colored rocks and gravel that you can adorn the bottom of the tank with, as well as little statues of mermaids or the ever popular treasure chest that looks filled with gems and pearls. You do not have to stick with one type of fish but instead can enjoy a variety all in one tank. Some people add snails and even frogs to their fish tanks creating a both entertaining and educational environment. Because fish are always in motion, they are never boring to watch. You can watch them chase each other around the tank almost as if they were playing a game of underwater tag. Children can watch them as they interact and get a lesson in science that's better than any undersea documentary on television while being much more enjoyable to watch. There is also...

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Fun Games for RV Trips

When you’re on the road for an RV trip, you spend a lot of time, well, on the road. While an RV affords more entertainment opportunities, and space, than a typical road trip in a smaller vehicle, those hours can still leave your passengers pining for things to do. Here are several ideas of ways you can pass the time between destinations: Alphabet Game This tried-and-true classic inspires friendly competition and requires enough focus to keep RV occupants riveted on passing signs, etc. This game can be played a couple different ways. In one version, you start with A and have to find a word (on passing billboards, road signs, etc) that begins with the letter A. The same word cannot be used again by another player. After finding an A word, you move on to B — whoever gets through Z first, wins! Other versions simplify the game by allowing you to find the letter anywhere, not just at the beginning of a word. In this version, you can find the letters on license plates as well. Card Games Whether you opt for gin rummy or go fish, an RV is ideal for playing card games because, unlike other vehicles, you have table space! Poker and black jack will go over well with older crowds, while younger players can enjoy simpler games like slap jack and memory. If...

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NEW VINTAGE MAGAZINE! Angling Echoes: A Monthly Collection of Classic & Forgotten Fishing Articles

CLICK HERE to read the first issue, and think about subscribing! 12 issues a year, $.99 an issue! Angling Echoes is a unique departure in fishing magazines based on a very old idea. There is an ancient Hebrew saying that declares that some people die twice; once when the spirit leaves the body, and then again when their name is said out loud for the last time. This is as true for writings as it is for people. There are millions of words of angling literature that have been allowed to recede from memory and die unnecessary deaths. Angling Echoes collects these classic, obscure, and forgotten writings on fishing from authors ranging from the greatest in their field to anonymous scribes whose names are lost to history. Each issue will contain a long feature article of between 5000-10,000 words, followed by a selection of writings spanning the period from the eighteenth century to the modern era. These writings have been carefully curated both for the content and for their readability and interest. Everything from profiles of famous anglers and tackle makers to classic informative articles to writings that show a passion for the sport of angling will be included. Every fourth issue will be a “themed” issue based on a single author, publisher, or subject matter. So sit back every month and revisit the best and most interesting angling...

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The Dance Of Cichlids Mating

Cichlids are best described as polygamous fish. Fights have occurred between these fish while fighting for a mate. A small group of five female fishes are very comfortable with having one male around. This makes their polygamous nature stand out. Cichlids mating usually takes place at their chosen cave or hiding hole. The male usually becomes paler in color. This is a sign to show that he is ready for a female companion and will go to any length to protect what he has. We can say that Cichlids mating is crazy and quite amusing to witness. Their fertilization is done in a totally bizarre manner. Fertilization of the eggs takes place in the mouth of the female fish by the male. Their eggs take between 10 – 14 days to hatch. The males are known to keep on chasing the female around during the mating season. It is prudent to keep the ratio to between one male to 5 females during Cichlids mating period. If this is not done as required death may occur. The Cichlids mating season usually takes place during dry season. This is because at this time the water is stable and there are no floods to carry them or their eggs down the river. Cichlids just like other types of fish prefer to stay in one place without interference. During the rainy season or...

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Load Moment Indicator – Assuring Safe Operation of your Tower Crane

Working with high-rise structures is as dangerous as working as a military officer in Iraq. The risk is always present when working with high-rise structures. The transfer of construction materials from the ground up to the working floor is not as easy as you think. The pulley system that you are using must be strong and reliable to avoid any untoward accidents that may happen. In the same manner, the lowering of unused construction materials from the working floor down to the ground imposes the risk of getting hit on the head. Despite of the presence of your hard hat, excessive weight could break it and can cost you your own life. Yes, the money is on the construction industry. But is it worth the risk of losing your own life in exchange for thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars? This is where the heavy equipment comes in. It helps construction workers in making their task easy and safe to execute. One of the most common heavy equipment used in the construction of various structures, especially high-rise buildings, which is the tower cranes, provide such benefits to construction workers. Due to the reality of danger working on high structures, they make use of tower cranes to lift and lower construction materials with ease and at the same time ensuring safety at all times. Furthermore, most tower cranes are...

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