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Month: April 2018

Symptoms Of Sinus Infection – 10 Ways To Tell If You Have A Sinus Infection And Where To Go For Help

Here are the 10 most common symptoms of sinus infection. Does any of these sound like the problems you are having right now? Pain and/or pressure in the area of your eyes or forehead. Or pain in the very top of your head – especially if the pain gets more intense when you bend over or move your head quickly. Sinus drainage. This can be any color from clear to greenish-yellow or even bloody. And it may not drain out your nose. Often your sinuses will drain down the back of your throat-and you swallow it. Nausea or upset stomach-often caused by swallowing the drainage. Fatigue-Even when you should feel rested. This is the sneakiest one of all. This is the one that creeps up on you slowly and unnoticed. If you are living with the symptoms on this list you are certainly not reaching your true potential at work, family life or at rest. Blocked nasal or sinus passages. Especially at night. Are you sleeping with your mouth open because you cant breathe through your nose when you lie down? Do you have a poor sense of smell or taste? If you are staying clogged up with mucous I bet you do. Bad breath. Think about it this way-your senses of smell and taste are really messed up right now-and you can still smell and taste your bad...

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The Friday Funhouse

The Video of the Week This is an awesome video of Kentucky Reels on display in Frankfort, Kentucky. 12 Thing I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them Iā€™m liking this metabolized Pflueger Catalina.. This gold presentation Heddon 3-35 is great. A Shakespeare 3-Hook Underwater Minnow is a beautiful lure. An Arbogast Tin Liz Walleye is just so awesome. A charming Charmer is always a fine find. This Heddon Mouse in an unusual color has become very popular. A Creek Chub #6905 Pikie is an incredible lure. I like this Farlow Ultimate Midge 6′ Fly Rod. The Chippewa is such an iconic bait. As a trade tackle collector I love this Congress trade minnow A Heddon Tiger 12 Pack is a great find. This is a superb South Bend Midget Minnow in the box. As always, have a great weekend — and be good to each other, and yourself. — Dr. Todd Source...

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