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Month: June 2018

The Friday Funhouse

The Video of the Week Wild Trout: A Montana Fish Story is a cool video. 12 Thing I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them This W.D. Chapman lure is incredible. An E.A. Pflueger frog would make any frog collector smile. An Ed. vom Hofe 491 is a rare reel. A C.F. Orvis 2nd model fly reel is pretty damn cool. Welch & Graves made a cool minnow tube. Tell me the ABC Minnow set isn’t super cool. Old Hardy Angler’s Guides are always good finds. A Deal Pack of Heddon Tigers is a rare find. A Bagley Balsa B in a rare color is superb. The Arbogast Tin Liz is iconic. The Paw Paw Bullhead was a really difficult lure to make. A Heddon River Runt in the box if always a good find. As always, have a great weekend — and be good to each other, and yourself. — Dr. Todd Source...

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Texas Bass Fishing – A Western Adventure

Texas is a large state with a lot of great qualities and features. It’s hardly surprising to learn that Texas is home to plentiful and productive bass fishing opportunities. Fishing in Texas is often affectionately called big water fishing. There are many really big lakes in Texas that are also renowned for both the size and great quality of bass fish to be found there. However, since it is such a huge area, Texas bass fishing can seem overwhelming to those you don’t know where the best fishing spots are, or who don’t know how to navigate the vast Texas bass fishing waters. If you are not familiar with Texas bass fishing waters, the first think you should do is seek the assistance of a professional guide. There is no reason to stumble around on your own when you can enlist the services of a professional guide. Many of these guides have excellent reputations for taking fishers to the best locations for catching bass fish. Once you’ve learned more about the waters with a guide, you will then be in a better position to return on your own for more fishing. Don’t forget to tip your guides, too, as they are so helpful in starting your Texas bass fishing endeavors. A good guide who worked well with the customers should be rewarded accordingly, with a tip of perhaps one...

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A Quick Checklist For Selecting the Best Omega 3 Capsules

If you are interested in a natural way to improve your health and keep diseases at bay, then you just can’t go wrong with Omega 3 capsules. These fats have been proven to be very beneficial for us and should be a part of every one’s diet. The problem is – the market is flooded with all kinds of Omega 3 capsules. How do you compare them and choose one which is actually effective? Here’s a quick checklist to solve this problem for you: – Check the source of the oil There is no doubt that the best source of Omega 3 fats is fish oil. But not all kinds of fish contain enough or any Omega 3. Salmon, Mackerel and Trout are a few that do. However, it’s a lesser known fish called Hoki from New Zealand that actually has the best proportion of DHA and EPA Omega 3 fats, making it an ideal candidate for sourcing oil. – Is the oil fresh? Many fish oils leave a sour aftertaste in the mouth. This is because the oil is not fresh and has become rancid. If the breeding ground of the fish is near the processing facility of the oil, then this problem doesn’t happen. The fish doesn’t get a chance to spoil and are quickly processed to extract fresh oil. Check on the manufacturer’s website if this...

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How Fish Oil Can Help Prevent Prevent Loss of Vision in Old Age

A regular diet that includes food rich in omega-3 can help prevent one of the most common causes of vision loss, new research suggests. According to a report by The Annals of Ophthalmology, omega-3 fish oil may cut the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by as much as a third. AMD is a progressive and irreversible condition that affects older adults. It is caused by thinning and bleeding around the macula – the central portion of the retina. This results in a loss of sight in the center of the field of vision. People with AMD, who are mostly over the age of 60, lose the ability to see fine detail. Severely affected AMD patients are often classified as legally blind although they still have some peripheral vision left. Similar studies conducted by the University of Melbourne confirmed that eating fish twice a week was linked to a reduced risk of AMD. Researchers from Harvard Medical School and the National Eye Institute also reported that nutritional supplements of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, particularly docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), could also prevent the eye disease. DHA, the omega-3 present in every cell membrane of the human body, is also highly concentrated in the brain, retina, and heart. It is vital to good health. Studies have already linked omega-3 fatty acids with a variety of health benefits, the...

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Discover the True Benefits of Fish Oil

Let’s face it. If you haven’t heard about the numerous benefits of fish oil, then you are possibly missing out on the most effective natural substance you can get for protecting your health. The key to preventing many of the diseases that plague us are DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids. These two amazing nutrients are exactly what everybody needs in their bodies if they want to avoid a lot of pain and suffering. These compounds have a positive effect on allergies, asthma, arthritis, gout, cognitive development and function, cardiovascular health, cancer, diabetes, fetal development, immune system function, inflammatory bowel disease, osteoporosis, skin disorders, skin health, and visual function. Quite an impressive list even for what are considered to be essential nutrients isn’t it? Although always considered as essential to proper growth and good health, the full scope of fish oil benefits did not become apparent until the study of omega-3 fatty acids began in earnest in the 1970’s. studies were then being conducted to figure out how Greenland Eskimos could eat a diet so incredibly high in fat, without showing any signs at all of cardiovascular disease. What was discovered during this study was that taking in large doses of omega-3 fatty acids they lower your triglycerides, blood pressure, and heart rate. They also reduce heartbeat irregularities, thins your blood so that blood clots are avoided, and reduces...

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