Spearfishing DVD – FISH TO THE BONE by Rubber Scales

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“One particular of the most uniquely filmed spearfishing movies I have at any time found, it just sucks you in”
– Chris Coates

Fish to the Bone is a close encounter with a single of South Africa’s ideal spearfisherman and underwater videographers. Sign up for Brod Whitaker as he hunts concealed tricks beneath the treacherous white water shallows of the wild South African East Coast, to the darkish and deep of some not known wrecks and caves, as he tackles huge match although braving some sharp enamel! His wild journey normally takes us from the insanity at his community home reefs to a solo Madagascan deal with and the cinematic tranquility of the crystal blue tropical waters of Mozambique.
A digicam guy by trade his special footage is laced with easy spearfishing method. Broderick Whittaker is a Fish to the Bone, and this charming film is a will have to see for people, like him, who are happiest less than water!

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